TC Boots Unisex

TC Boots Unisex, originally uploaded by Maya Serendipity.

Blue Seed, originally uploaded by neos.klaar.

Bunny Hop Hunt, originally uploaded by Maya Serendipity.

Teleport to Tigerclaw

These great looking boots are available in four colours, black, blue, pink & red and they are unisex.

A special edition for the Bunny Hop Gridwide Hunt comes in olive. The hunt starts on 27 March and ends on 19 April.

이 유니섹스 부츠는 블랙, 블루, 핑크와 레드로 구입이 가능하다.

Bunny Hop Hunt 아이템으로 올리브색상이 마련되어 있다. 그리드 전체적으로 행사되는 이 이벤트는 3월 27일부터 4월 19일까지 예정되어 있다.

この ユニセックス ブーツは ブラック, ブル―, ピンクと レッドで 購入が可能だ。

Bunny Hop Hunt アイテムで オリーブ色相が 用意されている。 グリド 全体的に 行事される この イベントは 3月 27日から 4月 19日まで 予定されている。


~ by mayaserendipity on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “TC Boots Unisex”

  1. Hi Maya~ Interesting items… not my cup of tea but definitely something to keep in mind. Great blog! Keep it up. Love the way you write in three different languages. I am impressed! Hugs~

    • Hey Francesca, thanks for stopping by and the moral support! Three languages can be done easier these days with the power of internet dictionaries ^^;;;

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